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medinmleko / eng: milk and honey
Welcome to the magic of beauty

We believed that is possible to make a top beauty salon, which you can not just visit, but it has to be experienced. The result is a new concept beauty salon, where we settled in your beauty, and you are advised to arrange one place to hairdressing and cosmetic services.

Medinmleko the magic of beauty is not only salon, but also a place for socializing, where you can stop just for a short chat or a cup of coffee or use the free WiFi and browse over news. In short medinmleko is a place where you will feel special and you will relax in the true sense of the word.

Medinmleko is also a drugstore and an OnLine store, where you can choose from top professional products for hair and body. The company is also engages in the distribution and promotion of beauty products and has its own staff for training.

For more informations please contact us:

T +386 599 300 30

You can find more company data here.

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